Imbolc 2023

Better late than never. It’s Vicki, and I’m coming back to life. I synthographically created this video of The Goddess Bigid with Artificial Intelligence. This video celebrates the Return of the Light:

Accident on the Homestead

So…. As always, we are super busy here and have plans to provide updates on the myriad projects we have going on. Before we do that, however, there is one update which should take precedence.

Vicki BROKE HER ANKLE! In true Vicki fashion, because she cares and takes the time to do everything to the best of her ability, she didn’t just break it – she managed to basically break it off inside the skin so the bones were barely attached. She had surgery yesterday and is beginning the long (a good 6 months!) road to recovery. For more details, please visit our Go Fund Me page at: