Oranges & Lemons, Say the Bells of St. Clemens, and Tenderfoot Mom!

Winter’s over.  Stop hibernating. Wake up with citrus!! (It may be a bit before your time, but there was an old nursery rhyme, “Oranges and Lemons, Say the Bells of St. Clemens,” that is totally stuck in my head.  I put a link to a kids’ animation of the song below.) Winding down to theContinue reading “Oranges & Lemons, Say the Bells of St. Clemens, and Tenderfoot Mom!”

Livening Up Lessons -from Boring to Booyah!

Keeping students’ attention is essential and one of the biggest challenges in teaching.  In our modern time, kids are used to the “ADD-style” media that hits them constantly in short, quick bites of info punctuated with loud noise, fast action, and bright colors.  How to compete? Most times, I just think back to what hadContinue reading “Livening Up Lessons -from Boring to Booyah!”

My Wonder Coffee (chicory blend)

I drink a blend of coffee and chicory in the morning.  I add organic unrefined cane sugar, and 1/2 tablespoon cold-pressed coconut oil and whatever milk I’m in the mood for. The chicory is actually good for you, so it helps combat the damages of the coffee, or at least cut it in half! Here’s myContinue reading “My Wonder Coffee (chicory blend)”