Happy Solstice, and Litha!

This is the start of Summer, and the longest day of the year. We celebrated by having a wonderful time in the middle of the field out back with some fantastic humans that were camping at The Magic Glamp . We made magic wands in the sun, played with Stomp Rockets, and then had an impromptu water celebration with a sprinkler at the end of a 500′ hose under some blazing yellow sun in a sea of blue skies and waving wildflowers and tall, stately grasses dancing to the rhythm of a tickle of a breeze. It was a perfect day! There are many people who celebrate this longest day of sun soaked bliss all over the world. Here are a few.

This is a fun explanation for kids:

Although tired and sore from so much fun activity and great hard work, our family hung out tonight a little later than usual and celebrate a bit more by burning paper bags with a little lavender and Mugwort inside and giving up something we should not keep “hanging on to.”

We are also participated in our little blazing mini-sun celebration by roasting marshmallows 🙂 . Celebrate however you want, but live life with love and enjoy the beauty and treasures all around you. We wish you Happy Summer on this Solstice, or Litha, 2021. -Noble Homestead.


Published by Noble Homestead, Beyond the Snail

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