Show Your Support for the Argyle Free Library!

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12 local artists gave lovingly of themselves and painted chairs to be auctioned until the annual Garden & Bake Sale May 28th to benefit our gem of a local library. Here’s my chair, before and after:

In honor of this botanically-themed event, this chair features the flower Campanula Rotundifolia, Lady’s-thimble, Scotch bluebell, and Harebell. Being native to both the USA and Scotland, I figured it would be a good icon here. I knew it as a “balloon flower,” which is a common Chinese Bellflower variety commonly sold here in the US. The unopened blossoms look like hot air balloons.

The name Harebell is a reference to the fact that these bell-like flowers can often be found where you find hares. Lore has it that witches are thought to be able to transform themselves into hares by drinking the milky sap. During the Victorian Era, there was popular folklore claiming that fairies slept in these bells. Maidens who counted the harebells they saw three times at sunrise had their eyes opened to see fairies who helped fulfill their wishes. North American Indians call them ‘blue rain flowers’ as they believe picking them will cause it to rain.

This chair was sanded, primed, and painted with two coats of Dixie Belle paint in Vintage Duck Egg Blue and Kudzu Green. I decoupaged the blossoms with Modge Podge, then sealed the piece with three coats of Gator Hide protectant.

Bellflowers were once used in the manufacture of the blue dye used in tartan. I reupholstered the seat using a modernized version, with a nod to that of the Campbell and MacDonald clan tartans, who were some of the families that settled our own Argyle, from Argyllshire, Scotland.

Other art by me available here: Etsy and Fine Art America

The proceeds from this auction will help us achieve our goal of renovating the library circulation desk.  The chairs are also available to view and bid on at The Argyle Free library.

The circulation area of the library is the central hub of all activity. It is where we meet you, serve you, and where all of our behind the scenes library activities happen.

Our current circulation area is a mix of furniture that we have collected over the decades, and it’s time to create a space that accommodates modern technology and supports all the projects that we now do to serve the people of Argyle.

Our goal is to make your library an inviting and well organized space, and now we are asking for your help. Through grants and donations we have already secured funding for 50% of the project. Will you please help with the remaining 50%?

Last year the Library celebrated its 100th anniversary. Our goal is for the library to be relevant and useful to the people of Argyle for the next 100 years.

Thank you in advance for helping us help our community.

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