Happy New Year 2023!

We have had another crazy year, but are grateful for our love-filled family and resilience. We wish you the best! We are working on a catch-up, end-of-year video on Noble Homestead, but we’ve had a few challenges we are overcoming. For now, enjoy this video from our Musical Murals channel:

A hug for those alone during the holidays…

Sometimes one is alone during the holidays. Here’s a little video we made on our Musical Murals channel as a little tribute to those flying solo while ringing in 2023… “Pink Champagne for One.”

A Bit o’ Nostalgia

I used a Norman Rockwell style on the images created for this next video. SO much fun! See if it doesn’t take you waaay back to your grandparents’ time… Feel free to post your comment at the bottom of the video.