OMG, it’s been a while…

It’s Holiday time?? HOW did this happen? We’ve lost a collective 110 pounds, been through a month and a half of flus, busy redoing a few rooms in the house, new infrastructure on the homestead, surprising the kids with fun activities, we got GOATS, and now it’s almost Christmas. We have been TERRIBLE with our Social Media. New Year’s is a good time to reset, so bygones and let’s move on and be better every day 🙂

What have we been doing project-wise? We started two new YouTube Channels. Here’s a link to the Christmas video on Musical Murals for now. We would love it if you hit the “Like” thumbs-up, and subscribed to see our future posts:

The other channel is Beyond the Snail, which, if you know Vicki, is a playground for her ultimate weirdness. It started out as mostly snail-themed, but is destined to diversify. The first Xmas vid here is certainly Snail-ish, the Yule fireplace one is a more palatable mainstream, vintage nostalgia. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays and New Year and thanks for loving us. Peace, health and fun to you all!

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We create, love much, & run fantastic glamping campsites on our 28 acres! The camps: Other YouTube channels: Paypal: Snail Mail: Noble Homestead & Camps 71 Holmes Rd Argyle, NY 12809

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