Early Spring Fever and Floating Amphibians

Yep. I caught it. Early Spring fever! There is no snow on the ground here in Argyle, NY and sometimes so sunny that the edges of the lawn are greening up! I really hope no buds start to pop out. We ALWAYS get an April snow, so that would be a mess.

I am resisting the urge to start seeds waaaay too early and am working hard on three of our 4 channels. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing our crazy antics again soon. We are working on a series of catch-up vids. Just don’t hold your breath, bc we get crazy busy! This is the last “lazy” month of the year, although I am working around the clock filling up those other channels with videos I’ve been making as I teach myself all things Adobe, and continue to master editing on PowerDirector.

As you probably know, I have a huge affinity for frogs and toads. In honor of my undying devotion, here are two videos I made recently, one on Beyond the Snail, and one on Musical Murals. I hope you enjoy them, and wholeheartedly hope you’ll click the thumbs-up and subscribe to watch my constantly improving creations as this old Momma dawg learns a whoooooole bunch o’ new tricks!

Published by Noble Homestead, Beyond the Snail

We garden, create, love much & run fantastic glamping campsites on our 28 acres! The camps: TheMagicGlamp.com TheMellowSubmarineCamp.com ThePerfectPitchCamp.com Other YouTube channels: https://www.youtube.com/@musicalmurals https://www.youtube.com/@beyondthesnail https://www.youtube.com/@thecocktaillounge Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/NobleHomestead Snail Mail: Noble Homestead & Camps 71 Holmes Rd Argyle, NY 12809

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