I’m Vicki. I do the best I can; cook like my grandma and work like a man! We’re a family of four. We home school, eat organic food, garden, build, create, and love much!
Our dream is our own peaceful, productive homestead, and we are on the journey.
I am all about self-sufficiency, sustainability, and sharing it all with others. I have done a lot in my life, and all of those skills have been my survival kit. I will share what I can, and learn a lot from YOU.

Noble Homestead YouTube: http://bit.ly/NobleHomesteadYT

I can also be found on Twitter and just started a YouTube channel to share gardening, creative solutions, cooking, prepping, home school, bush craft, foraging, credit-fixing, home-hunting and other adventures while we are still searching for our Noble Homestead.

My first hydroponics adventure was terrific!!
I’m proud of my green thumbs and toes.

Our family wishlist: http://bit.ly/NobleHomesteadWishList


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