A hug for those alone during the holidays…

Sometimes one is alone during the holidays. Here’s a little video we made on our Musical Murals channel as a little tribute to those flying solo while ringing in 2023… “Pink Champagne for One.”

Celebrate More Than the Happy Holidays

It’s Christmas morning 2022 and we want to celebrate more than just the holiday. We celebrate YOU. We celebrate families that are working hard to stay together. We celebrate migrants who are just trying to find a better life. We celebrate single people trying to figure out what life is all about. We celebrate EVERYONEContinue reading “Celebrate More Than the Happy Holidays”

Fun is Essential

What was the last thing you did for play or fun? I (Vicki!) am having a blast playing with the AI (artificial intelligence) art generation tool Midjourney. I last made a Motorcycle Santa. I’ve been featuring my creations on a few art sites in two YouTube channels, Beyond the Snail, which is a weird oneContinue reading “Fun is Essential”