Two Unique Vicki-made Relax and Focus Videos

Let’s get busy! Here’s two very different videos to let play on your computer or TV while getting some of those unfinished projects done! If you watch it on YouTube, please don’t forget to hit the thumbs-up. Good luck on your task mastery!

Early Spring Fever and Floating Amphibians

Yep. I caught it. Early Spring fever! There is no snow on the ground here in Argyle, NY and sometimes so sunny that the edges of the lawn are greening up! I really hope no buds start to pop out. We ALWAYS get an April snow, so that would be a mess.

I am resisting the urge to start seeds waaaay too early and am working hard on three of our 4 channels. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing our crazy antics again soon. We are working on a series of catch-up vids. Just don’t hold your breath, bc we get crazy busy! This is the last “lazy” month of the year, although I am working around the clock filling up those other channels with videos I’ve been making as I teach myself all things Adobe, and continue to master editing on PowerDirector.

As you probably know, I have a huge affinity for frogs and toads. In honor of my undying devotion, here are two videos I made recently, one on Beyond the Snail, and one on Musical Murals. I hope you enjoy them, and wholeheartedly hope you’ll click the thumbs-up and subscribe to watch my constantly improving creations as this old Momma dawg learns a whoooooole bunch o’ new tricks!

Heyyyy All! Here’s a Slice ‘o Pie!

As you may know, we’ve let Vicki run rampant with her creativity lately. What has resulted has been 3 “faceless” YouTube channels. One is Musical Murals, one is Beyond the Snail, and the other is The Cocktail Lounge.

Here are a few of the latest Wintry videos. we are also working on a “real” video, for our own Noble Homestead channel, too!