Happy Solstice, and Litha!

This is the start of Summer, and the longest day of the year. We celebrated by having a wonderful time in the middle of the field out back with some fantastic humans that were camping at The Magic Glamp . We made magic wands in the sun, played with Stomp Rockets, and then had an impromptu water celebration with a sprinkler at the end of a 500′ hose under some blazing yellow sun in a sea of blue skies and waving wildflowers and tall, stately grasses dancing to the rhythm of a tickle of a breeze. It was a perfect day! There are many people who celebrate this longest day of sun soaked bliss all over the world. Here are a few.

This is a fun explanation for kids:

Although tired and sore from so much fun activity and great hard work, our family hung out tonight a little later than usual and celebrate a bit more by burning paper bags with a little lavender and Mugwort inside and giving up something we should not keep “hanging on to.”

We are also participated in our little blazing mini-sun celebration by roasting marshmallows 🙂 . Celebrate however you want, but live life with love and enjoy the beauty and treasures all around you. We wish you Happy Summer on this Solstice, or Litha, 2021. -Noble Homestead.


That’s FIRE! 🔥

Fire at The Magic Glamp, The Mellow Submarine, and The Perfect Pitch campsites at Noble Homestead

What would camping be without the cozy crackling comfort and lightshow of a campfire? Not as amazing! We at Noble Homestead love hosting your glamping getaways, and want to make sure you get the most out of your camping experience, and have fun with safety.

At The Magic Glamp Premier Signature Tentrr Site, you get a nice metal fire “bowl” on legs at your site for cooking and cozying a safe distance from the deck and tent. We have provided an iron tripod, and a large iron grate that covers the fire pit and we provide a disposal aluminum grill cover for direct food contact. In addition, you have a wood stove inside. And a kettle, and percolator! In the field, you have a huge fire ring and the capacity for small bonfires in absolute safety.

Outdoor Folding Campfire Grill 40 x 18 x 9 inches

At the Mellow Submarine, you have a three-burner propane stove in the camper, a small “bowl” type fire pit for cozying and smores, and a large fire ring in the field which keeps a nice big fire safe.

Best Choice Products 21.5-inch Fire Pit Bowl Table and Storage w/Shelf, Fire Spark Guard, Log Grate, Poker, Water-Resistant Cover

At The Perfect Pitch, you have the large fire ring with a grate for over top and aluminum grill covers for direct food contact, all a safe distance from the deck for cooking.

Making the Fire: Safety First

Before starting the fire, look around your campsite to make sure your tent, gear, and any other flammable objects are at least 15 feet away and upwind of the firepit.

  • Wood
    If we have not provided enough for your use with your campsite, let us know. Wood should be bought from us (no collecting anything other than kindling or flowers and herbs from our property). PLEASE do NOT bring your own wood. Bringing wood from far away might bring along pests that can escape the burning wood and potentially cause problems in their new environment.
  • Constructing your fire
    There are many ways to arrange your firewood before you start burning.
    Fire needs air to grow, so don’t just stack wood in a big pile. One way to start is by laying larger pieces of wood in a cross-hatch pattern, making a small tower. Then, place plenty of kindling (e.g. dried leaves, small twigs, etc.) and a few firestarters (we provide those, too!) in the lower gaps between the wood. Use matches or a lighter on your fire or starter to ignite it; it should then catch your kindling on fire, which should eventually catch your larger pieces of wood on fire.
  • Using accelerants (like gas or lighter fluid) at Noble Homestead & Camps
    We at Noble Homestead ask that you use NO chemical accelerants. If you cannot start your fire, we are happy to help get it going! Just text or call Ray, 518-322-9312 or Vicki 518-256-6437, anytime. An accelerant is a flammable liquid or mixture, like lighter fluid, that is used to speed up starting a fire. Never use any other accelerants, like gasoline, as this can be super dangerous to you and others around you!
  • Keeping the fire burning
    Your fire might burn quite quickly if your firewood is extremely dry. Wetter wood will burn slower, but you don’t want it too wet or it won’t catch fire. Wet wood will smoke way more than dry wood. If you have extra firewood, keep it stacked upwind of your fire, so that a sudden breeze won’t light all the rest of your wood on fire. Keep the fire small so it stays under control.

Safety Second: Once You Have the Fire Burning

You want to think about safety before starting a fire and you should keep it in mind while the fire is going, too.

  • Close enough to toast marshmallows, not hands
    Depending on the size of your fire and how windy it is, you might be able to sit right by it – or you might have to stand several feet away. Remember that synthetic clothing melts when it gets hot – don’t ruin your nice new fleece jacket by letting sparks blow on it from your campfire! If you plan on cooking on the fire, make sure you have cooking tools that are long enough so you have a safe distance between you and the fire. Look for cooking tools with insulated handles to avoid burns.
  • Watch children and pets around campfires
    It almost goes without saying, but if you’re camping with kids or pets, keep an eye on them. Young children who haven’t been around a campfire before might not be cautious about running near it.
  • Drinking and burning
    If the campground where you’re staying allows alcoholic beverages, do not throw bottles or cans into the fire! Broken glass and half-melted aluminum will probably make your hosts and the next camper pretty unhappy. Burning anything but wood (especially plastics) can also lead to toxic gases.

Safety Third: Preparing for Emergencies

Never leave a campfire unattended. Always put your fire out at night. If you need more water, just text Ray at 518-322-9312 or Vicki at 518-256-6437. You might have a sudden need to put it out or the weather might change dramatically (such as the wind might grow really breezy and threaten to push your fire out of your fire ring). Know what steps to take if someone is burned by sparks, hot cooking tools, or coals. Don’t forget to “stop, drop, and roll” if any of your clothes catch on fire.

Using the Woodstove at The Magic Glamp

Tentrr has created an easy-to-follow video on how to use the woodstove here:

Using the Wood Stove, by Tentrr

Have fun and if you have any questions, just text Ray at 518 322 9312 🙂


Super Blood Moon, Meteor Shower on the Way in May

Look UP at Noble Homestead… Our sky is your theater!

A waning gibbous Moon above the Earth's horizon
Photo credit: Nasa Johnson

From a total lunar eclipse to a Super moon and meteor shower — here’s a look from Weather.com at what you can expect to see in the night sky in May.