A Last Vestige of Winter

Being a YouTube noob I of course thought I had already posted this. Anyway, it’s up now.

In the meantime, I am trying to get bread baked today, five hours of school done (some done while the bread happens, anything can be turned into a math/physics/reading lesson!), and the house packed up.  We are moving after only seven months because our neighbors’ dogs’ barking has become unbearable, despite our best efforts at communication.  Moving on, we went out to the new place yesterday and I pushed some stakes into the ground and marked off where I want to put my garden, while skirting deer tracks! It’s going to be an adventure, but I am more than ready for Spring!

Saturday Morning Cartooning with Sheriff Woody Pride

V hit me up with an assignment first thing this morning.  I partially delivered, despite using a crayon, being coffee-deprived and still half-asleep! Saturday morning cartoons were much easier when I was little :).

Sheriff Woody pride from Toy Story, and special crayon portrait!