Cleaning Nontoxically – Vinegar For Tile Floors

We moved into a new place in July of last year that was anything but new.  The floors were so grimy that we gave them a quick once-over and continued moving in.  The one in our bathroom was RIDICULOUS.  Being that it wasn’t the one used often, we let it go and covered it withContinue reading “Cleaning Nontoxically – Vinegar For Tile Floors”

Spring Homestead Cleaning Checklist

Originally posted on How to Provide:
Spring season is here!  Yippee!!!  Let’s get things cleaned up. Home Spring Cleaning Home Spring Cleaning [image source: cyclicx-com] Dust: Furniture, framed photos, paintings, books and nick-nacks Clean Furniture and Cabinets:  Clean, oil and wax couches, mattresses, tables, ceiling fans and chairs with vacuum cleaner, lemon oil, wax and/or…