The Emotional Roller Coaster of My New Chicken Ownership

I have wanted to have chickens forever.  So we moved to a place where we could:   After moving in and getting the garden going, we got the chicks, two guinea keets and four barred rocks.   Then we got two more guinea keets and four Easter Eggers (they lay colored eggs!):   We builtContinue reading “The Emotional Roller Coaster of My New Chicken Ownership”

Getting Dirty Again… Filling the raised beds using that yard cart!!

Blunders and bloopers and no one got hurt, and after 3 days we have moved all the DIRT!

NOT Breaking My Camera and Prepping My Garden… more sticks

So this came out much sillier than expected and wouldn’t you know it?  I wake up to TWO INCHES of SNOW!!! Grr and brr… Anyway, enjoy 🙂 I am such a goof that you might actually giggle even up to the end…