Flashbacks of Warmer Times

We are in the winter depression time of the North East when Vitamin D deficiencies rule. Today it is snowing, no surprise!  It is piling on a powdery layer on top of a thick crusty layer of ice.  Walking is nearly impossible.  The wood furnace died and we are onto the small manufactured-home propane burner as backup. Half the house’s electricity is out and we are searching for an electrician.  One of the sump pumps downstairs has kicked the bucket and left half our basement flooded and it is dark because it’s on THAT side of the house, the one with the blown fuse that won’t go back on.  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  At least it’s pretty, and doesn’t last forever! Here’s our hay barn in its icy, glossy, splendor:

I got a new phone.  It’s fantastic.  It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 9  and I love it.

Ray let me get a cute case and ring stand to stick to it! I am SUPER into iridescent things, so I was really happy to find this nice combination.  I HATE talking on the phone, so this makes it a bit nicer :).  I LOVE how it fades from purple to blue, and it’s clear so I can keep my business card or a photo in the back (I am still so analog!!). 


Stupid of me, I know, but I have  recently been coveting a set of 6 IRIDESCENT Moscow Mule mugs!  I don’t need them, so they aren’t in my kitchen 🙂 I normally don’t want things I don’t NEED, but Look At Them!


This is the ring stand.  It is a phone stand also! :


 The Note function on the phone is terrific. It’s a screen that you can use your stylus on.  I use it like a blackboard and screen mirror to my TV while we are schooling. Vince also loves my new phone and snuck one of his Stikbot animations from his Stikbot Studio up on our YouTube!  Cue discussions of identity misappropriation and trust between the boy and myself!

While I was switching files over, I came across some videos that the kids insisted I share (outside in NICE weather, carrot harvest, hay jumping, etc…), so we made a cute little collection below.

annnd here’s V’s sneaky little video….

Check out the Stikbot Farm Set!

Pine Cone Bird Feeders – Ecological, Fun, Responsible, Sustainable

Spring is coming and the birds are going to need to reenergize.  Here’s how you can help!

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Oranges & Lemons, Say the Bells of St. Clemens, and Tenderfoot Mom!

Winter’s over.  Stop hibernating. Wake up with citrus!! (It may be a bit before your time, but there was an old nursery rhyme, “Oranges and Lemons, Say the Bells of St. Clemens,” that is totally stuck in my head.  I put a link to a kids’ animation of the song below.)

oranges and lemons
One of my little artworks 🙂 … A Vicki Noble original on an old book page.

Winding down to the end of these winter doldrums, one might feel depressed, light-deprived,  and generally used up.  My remedy for this “down” feeling is using uplifting scents like the bright citrus notes of orange and lemon.  I put sweet orange and lemon oils in my homemade cleaners, and they help make the job less tedious.

I also love to make citrus-flavored desserts, combining sweetness with the pop of acidity definitely perks me up.  Recently, I have been following a blog that proves itself valuable whenever I peek over at Tenderfoot Mom‘s corner of the internet. She first got my attention with the Ultimate Chocolate Orange Cookies, and now she’s really done it with Luscious Lemon Curd Yogurt Mini Muffins !

Luscious Lemon Curd Yogurt Mini Muffins from Tenderfootmom.com
Ultimate Chocolate Orange Cookies from Tenderfootmom.com

Hayley is a creative dynamo and full time mom of two who shares original, helpful information. She shares her interviews (including a great one with Emmy Award winning artist Mark Kistler!), home school ideas and help, giveaways and more.  I encourage you to check out her blog

Here’s that old nursery rhyme I was talking about…